Orders will be delivered to St. Louis School by the
15th of the FOLLOWING month.  
All items purchased in the same month are printed at the same time to give you these great prices. A limited supply of basic t-shirts and cotton hoodies are available at Joan's T-Shirt Printing on Boehringer Street in Batesville
**Please include Student's Name and Homeroom in "Comments" Section**

New Arrival
New Arrival
New Arrival
New Arrival
YST225 Youth Electric Heather Hoodie
ST225 Adult Electric Heather Hoodie
YST390 Youth Electric Heather Tee
LST390 Ladies' Electric Heather Tee
New Arrival
New Arrival
New Arrival
ST390 Adult Electric Heather Tee
YST371 Youth CamoHex Colorblock Tee
ST371 Adult CamoHex Colorblock Tee
PC61Y Youth Basic Tee
PC61 Adult Basic Tee
LPC61 Ladies' Basic Tee
YST254 Youth Hooded Sweatshirt
ST254 Adult Hooded Sweatshirt
YST240 Youth Camo Hex Hoodie
ST240 Adult Camo Hex Hoodie
PC90YZH Youth Hooded Full Zip
PC78ZH Full Zip Hoodie
YST244 Youth Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt
F244 Adult Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt
Y420 Youth Uniform Polo
L420 Ladies' EMbroidered Polo