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How to Start Your Fundraiser

Let us help make this your easiest fundraiser yet!

1. Choose the items you would like to make available for your fundraiser. We have a wide variety of products to choose from. Having a hard time choosing from a large line of products? No problem, we can suggest some of our most popular items and help you make the best decisions for your group.

Check out some of our product catalogs here.

2. Choose a logo for your apparel. If you do not have a logo, or need help creating one, our creative team will help create a great logo for your group. We will submit the logo to you for approval before creating your sale.

Check out sample logos here.

3. Set your prices. We give you the cost of each item you have chosen for your sale and you decide how much to charge your customers. Some groups choose a percentage (20% is common), while other groups choose a dollar amount ($2 - $5 each is normal).

4. Paper Forms, Online shop, or both? You decide. We can provide you with paper order forms for each participant, build an online shop for your sale, or both, all at no cost to you. For paper order forms, all checks should be made out to the school or organization. At the end of your sale, we will bill you for the quoted cost of each item, you keep the rest. For online orders, each purchase will be paid via credit card at check-out. After your sale, we will present your school or organization with a check for the proceeds. 

Check out a sample flyer here.             Check out current websites here.

5. Start selling! Distribute paper forms or your online link to your families to collect orders. Once your sale is done, return all paper orders to Joan's T-Shirt Printing. If your fundraiser was all done online, no need to do anything after your sale date. We will close the orders and start printing your apparel.

6. Pick up and distribute your printed items. After all orders have been received, we will start printing your apparel. We like to have 2 weeks to print all orders, but will usually have them done earlier. If you have a specific date you would like to distribute items, please have all orders collected and turned in to us 2 weeks before that date to insure timely distribution. We will call or email you when orders are ready to pick up. We even pack out each seller's order, making distribution a breeze!

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