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Here are Some of the Questions We are Asked Frequently


How do you determine pricing?

Our pricing is determined by the product you select, the total number of areas you are wanting printed (front, back, sleeve, etc.), and the quantity of items you are ordering. Another factor of price is personalization. Adding a name or number to an item will increase the price. 


If you feel the price quote is too high, we can work with you choose a similar item with a lower price tag. Increasing the amount of items ordered could also help lower the price per item.



How do I raise money through fundraising with Joan's T-Shirt Printing?

We give you a quote for each item you would like to sell in your fundraiser (see above). You would then let us know how you would like to price the items for your sale. Most organizations use a percentage increase (20% is normal), some use a dollar amount increase ($2-$5 per item is normal), while others take the item to the next even number.




Cost of Item  +   Increase for Sale  =  Total Purchase Price       Total Amount Your Organization will Receive on Item

      $7.00                    20%                              $8.75                                                            $1.75

      $7.00                     $5                              $12.00                                                            $5.00

      $7.00                     $3                              $10.00                                                            $3.00



What additional costs should I expect?

None! All set up fees, screen charges, and design fees are included in the price. Unless you add a name or number on the back of an item, you will only pay for the item price you were quoted. Additionally, we do not charge for copies of order forms or online shop set up. 



What if I am not good at making decisions and am not sure what items to use for our sale?

We have a catalog with some of the more popular items for schools and sports teams. We will work with you to get a list of products that will work best with your organization.



What if I do not have a logo or a design for my items?

No problem. We can create some designs for you. We will email proofs of the artwork to you for input and approval. 



Is there a minimum requirement for my fundraiser?

For all printed orders, we require a minimum of 6 items. Most fundraisers have been very successful, so we are pretty sure yours will be too!



May I see the items we would like to put on our fundraiser in person?

We keep samples of our most popular items in the shop. Most other items we can get a sample of in just 1-2 working days. If you would like to see any items before you decide, please let us know so we can arrange for you to stop in and check them out.



May I see a sample with my logo printed on the item before I decide?

Unfortunately, no. We will be happy to email a proof of what the logo will look like on the item(s) you picked out, but we will need to print all items at the same time to give you the great prices we quoted you. 



How does my fundraiser work with paper copies?

Once we have the items picked out and your artwork approved, we will create a full color flyer for your sale. The flyer will include an order form as well. Let us know how many sellers will be participating in the sale and we will print them for you. You will be responsible for collecting payment for all of the orders collected through paper copies, so checks should be made out to your organization. Once we receive all of the orders from you, we will print your items and let you know when they are ready to pick up at our shop. When you come in to pick up your items, we will have a bill for the amount you owe for the original quoted prices. You will then keep the additional funds for your organization. Please note that if you are a tax exempt organization, we will need a copy of your certificate for our records before we can exempt the tax on your sale. 



How does my fundraiser work with an online shop?

Once we have the items picked out and your artwork approved, we will upload your sale items into your online shop. We will then send you a link to distribute to your families/sellers. All orders will need to be paid by credit card at the time of purchase and will be charged tax (this is required since they are purchasing as an individual). After the sale end date, we will close your shop, print the ordered items, and contact you to arrange pick up from our shop. When you arrive to pick up your orders, we will hand your organization a check for the proceeds.



What if I want to do both a paper fundraiser and an online shop?

No problem! We will do both the flyers and the online shop as stated above. When we total your sale, we will subtract the amount of the paper copies from the amount of proceeds from the online shop then settle up the difference.


Why is there tax on the online orders and not on the paper copies?

When you choose to use paper copies, Joan's T-Shirt printing will send a bill to the organization for the total cost (what was quoted before the sale) of each item purchased. If your organization is a non-profit with a tax exemption, we will not charge you tax. However, all online orders are paid directly by the customers, which makes the order subject to being taxed as required by law.



Could I just purchase several of each item to sell at one of our events?

Sure! Remember that you will need to purchase a minimum of 6 for printed items. Discounts may be given for larger quantities!



When should I start my fundraiser?

We suggest you first decide when you would like to have the completed items in hand to distribute. Allow 2 weeks for print time, 2 weeks for the sale, and one week to complete the flyers/online shop. You may want to add a few days as a buffer for last minute orders and for collecting the orders from your families/sellers if using paper flyers.


How long will it take to get our orders?

Once we have all of the orders, please allow 2 weeks for printing. We will call you when your orders are ready to be picked up.



Will you ship our orders or ship directly to our customers?

We do not ship orders at this time.


Will I have to pack each order myself?

Not to worry! We will pack each order by seller. When you receive the completed orders, you will have a bag of items for each seller with the original order form enclosed.



May we return an item if the customer changes their mind?

All printed items are non-refundable. However, if we clearly made a mistake we will make it right. 



What if someone wants another item or two after the sale is over?

If your initial order has not been printed yet, we will add it to your order and print with the rest. If we have already printed your initial order, let us know as soon as possible that you have an additional order. We can usually print additional orders for the same low price. 



Can you print on items that we purchased elsewhere?

We cannot accept items brought in to be printed. Not all materials are able to be printed or can withstand the heat of our dryers. We could not guarantee our work on such items. We can, however, order a wide variety of quality products through our suppliers. We will do our best to find the items you would like for your sale.



I still have some questions. How can I contact you?

You can call the shop or stop in to see us between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday, or email anytime to

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